Machine specification Model 811 engineer mansy brand

Oil squeezing (pressing) machine:

User Manual for model 811 press Engineer mansy trade mark machine oil  or Oil Pressing Machine

What you want to eat, the machine juices it

Notes and precautions that users of the machine should pay attention to:

1-This machine model 811 press Engineer mansy trade mark  was developed, and this development took more than two years of hard and hard work in order to develop the machine and in the end, this small form of oil pressing machine was reached, which is the first small-sized model of this machine. This machine is a wealth in the field of production Healthy edible oil suitable for cooking

2-This smart oil squeezing (pressing) machine model 811 press Engineer mansy trade mark has changed the process of oil production and packaging that was done in the past

2-With this Oil squeezing machine model 811 press Engineer mansy trade mark , you can produce healthy green food oil that conforms to environmental specifications suitable for baby food, and you can prepare and squeeze it at home with ease. You can squeeze all kinds of raw materials for the manufacture of oils such as almonds, beans, peanuts, sesame seeds, rapeseed, Peach seeds and other different types of seeds, after pressing a few minutes, you can get a healthy, squeezed food oil

4-This machine model 811 press Engineer mansy trade mark performs the process of squeezing the oils by means of pressure in normal, all kinds of raw materials used in the process of pressing oils, including the oil bagasse, this material retains a high nutritional value and is edible, such as sesame, peanuts, almonds. The bagasse extracted from them after the pressing process Oils can be turned into sesame paste, almond paste and peanut paste. We take the oil bagasse and beat it to turn into a powder. Then we add hot water to this powder and it turns into tahini, peanut butter, almond butter without oil. These products are very healthy products and conform to environmental specifications. Green life is the first choice without competition

5-Before operating this device, it is necessary to read the operating manual for the operation process well to read the operating steps. If you ignore reading the operating manual, this will damage the machine. If you do not understand anything in the operating manual, please contact our company for explanation and clarification. This must be operated The machine should be used by adults so that they can understand the operation manual, and it is not operated by children

Important notes regarding the operation and installation process:

1-This machine Engineer mansy trade mark machine works on regular electricity 220 volts, and the socket is connected to the ground line. The power line must be checked regularly and make sure it is well connected and reliable.

2-Do not use your hand to pull the raw materials from inside the place designated for entering the materials (the feeder), as when the machine is running, the squeezing column and the front end are hot, so you should not touch them directly without wearing gloves

3- In case of operating the heater, keep away from the high temperature, the front opening because it has a high temperature, the machine must be well installed and placed on a stable and stable place to avoid vibration and movement during the operation process, which may harm the machine, the power source must be separated When cleaning the snail of the barrel cavity, squeezing or squeezing shaft, or when cleaning and wiping the motor, it is necessary to dry the snail or the squeezing phase and the squeezing shaft after cleaning well

4- After the oil squeezing process is finished, press the reversal switch for 30 seconds, then you can disassemble the pressure column and take it out.

5- If the machine is not used for a long time, the machine Engineer mansy trade mark machine must be placed in a dry and well-ventilated place to avoid exposure of the motor to moisture.

List of accessories included with the machine:

Main motor one piece, helix cavity (barrel) pressing one piece, squeezing shaft one piece, power socket (plug) one piece, power cable (power cord) one piece, network (filter) waste raw materials one piece, oil shaft one piece Gloves, one piece brush

Below we show you the installation process of the machine:

1-The installation of the squeeze column

2- Installing the helix cavity (barrel) pressing, you must insert it to the end

3-Insert the pin that installs the squeezing barrel

4- Take down the cover

5-Raw material hopper installation

6- Put the oil bagasse filter

7- It is possible to put the bagasse out of the oil inside any box in the house

8- Connect the power cord

9-Heating open button, heating off, press the heating open button, heat the squeezing column for 10 minutes until you can squeeze the oil

10-The reverse movement button, start the operation, after the heating process, press the start button and you can put the raw materials

11- Start with a few raw materials

12- Wait for the oil to come out smoothly, then you can pour it completely

How to remove impurities after squeezing the seeds

1-Heating – heating off – heating stop button

2-Start – reverse movement – press the reverse movement switch for 30 seconds to reverse the spindle

3-Remove the bowl and lift the lid

4 – Pull the latch down

5 – Put on gloves and put pressure on the pressure column as shown in the picture

6-Pull out the pressure shaft and add detergent to clean it

Definition of buttons

   Reverse movement button


  • start (running)

Function buttons on the back of the device – the start and reverse buttons – and two sets of preheating buttons.

Play button: start squeezing seeds, the squeezing shaft will rotate at this time.

Reverse action button: it is used to go back for one second when the machine Engineer mansy trade mark machine accidentally crashes, then loosen it, then press it for another second to release it. After several times, the power plug can release the pressure shaft.

Preheating button: It heats up the pressing shaft, this preheating button must be pressed for some time before squeezing the seeds to increase the oil yield.

 power plug

 Cooling fan outside the motor

 Heating: on and off

 Fuse safety cap: blurred text

Complete User Manual (Please read the notes on the device before use)

1-Insert the pressure shaft first, then into the pressure chamber, then screw the cap down to install the pot, put a cup of oil, then install the impurity pot, and finally connect the power cord.

2-Press the preheat switch to preheat for 10 minutes. This is according to the customer’s request, which means that the heating can not be turned on

3-Press the start button, pour the raw materials into the bowl and start squeezing the seeds.

4- When the seeds are squeezed, if there is no residue, turn off the preheating button.

 5 – Press the reverse movement switch to reverse the movement of the pressure shaft for about 30 seconds, put on gloves and take out the juicing container (place the oil outlet close to the machine body to avoid overheating), and finally unplug the pressure shaft and wash

After the oil is squeezed and the machine Engineer mansy trade mark machine has stopped (about 2 to 4 hours), it can be used for cooking. For example, the bottom layer of peanut oil deposition is peanut butter, which can be used as a cooking paste.

Material preparation:

Peanuts that contain a lot of water: If the peanuts are wet, then with the pressure, butter will come out, and no oil will come out.

How to treat peanuts that contain a high percentage of water: Clean the dust from the peanuts and then roast them for five minutes until they are cooked. It starts cracking after 3-5 minutes and matures after five minutes. You can put a kilo of peanuts in the oven at the highest temperature for up to five minutes, then turn the peanuts and roast them for one to two minutes. You should start juicing the roasted peanuts while they are hot

Sesame: It can be squeezed directly while it is raw. If you want to increase the aroma of sesame oil, you can roast the sesame before pressing.

As for the hardier seeds: such as soybeans, you can roast them a little to soften the hard shell, and then start squeezing it while it is hot

Almonds and tea tree grains: After removing the impurities, they are cut into pieces of about 1 cm (the more equal the better) and heated in the oven before the age.

As for the materials that should not be heated: they are dry materials that can damage nutrients by heating, such as flax seeds, perilla seeds and sunflower seeds. It can be squeezed directly, but the spindle must be heated ten minutes before juicing.

Do not try to squeeze materials that you do not know their validity for pressing or not, so as not to damage the machine, such as corn, olives, rice and others.

If you cannot solve common problems, you can contact the manufacturer in their working time.

What causes the oil to come out slowly or quickly, or if the oil does not come out?

This is caused by placing too many seeds or squeezing wet material after roasting.

No oil coming out but some points like the sprinkler?

This is due to the age of the raw materials without softening them by roasting or otherwise.

If a foreign body entered the god during the squeeze?

Stop the machine immediately and press the back button, then loosen the juicer and pull out the foreign body and seeds, then clean and continue squeezing after removing the foreign body.

If the machine Engineer mansy trade mark machine stops rotating?

If the material to be pressed is a material not used to extract the oil, or the oil extraction temperature is not appropriate, or the moisture is excessive in the seeds to be pressed. Press the reverse movement button of the squeezing column, and if it does not work, remove the juicer. Press the squeezing column, put 100-degree boiling water and leave it for 20 minutes. Then dry it and reinstall the machine while it is hot and press the reverse movement button to remove it. It is forbidden to disassemble it violently, the squeezing shaft is removed by pressing it, and if one of the parts is stuck and you cannot disassemble it, contact the dealer for help.

If you cannot remove the squeezing column from the machine after removing it from the pressure chamber

After reinstalling the appliance, run it empty for a minute. If it does not work, remove the squeezing lever, put 100 degrees boiling water and leave it for 20 minutes. Then dry it and reinstall the machine while it is hot and press the reverse movement button to remove it.

When squeezing small materials, how do we reduce the bottlenecks of the machine?

When squeezing small seeds (such as black sesame, flaxseed, rapeseed, perilla, soybean, etc.), the following method can reduce the occurrence of obtaining a paste instead of obtaining oil:

Preheat for 10 minutes. Then put in a grain or two of peanuts and start the trial era. This is similar to the softening of the squeezing column. As for the small materials, you can try ten grams of them to try squeezing. Repeat this process from four to five times, each time ten grams until you finish the seeds you want to squeeze.

Product Model CS6


wattage 220 AC Volt
compressive strength قوة 400-800 watts


Oil extraction method Pressure Column   – Squeeze Column
Machine size (285+180*425) (mm)


the total weight


10.5 kg
Oil extraction efficiency rate


control keys Normal movement switch Reverse switch and lock switch


The body is made of stainless steel.

Stainless steel spindle and juice bowl

Reference table of seed oil contents and commonly used raw materials

The production of high-quality oil is closely related to the availability of high-quality raw materials. It is also closely related to the location and climate of raw materials production.

Below is a reference table for raw materials that contain oil and are frequently pressed. But it is a table for review only and does not represent the actual output of the oil, as the time of the age, the climate, the dryness of the materials, their hardness and the time of roasting are all factors that affect the amount of oil, so the actual output of the oil must be taken into account as a primary result only.

The oil has not been extracted – a dense substance

Oil extraction – pure oil – dense material

The raw material cold afternoon / hot afternoon The degree of oil extraction The raw material cold afternoon / hot afternoon The degree of oil extraction
Peanuts Roasting for five minutes, then squeezing hot or cold pressed 30%


soybean seeds


cool 35-45%
  Roasting for five minutes, then squeezing hot or cold pressed 40%-45% walnut Roasting for five minutes, then squeezing hot or cold pressed 45-50%
sunflower Roasting for 3 minutes, then hot or cold juice 20%-30% Linum seed cool 20%-30%
soybean Roasting for 3minutes, then squeezing hot 7%-10% perilla seeds Roasting for 3 minutes, then hot or cold juice 30%-40%
black sesame cold afternoon 30%-40% tea tree seeds Roasting for 3 minutes, then hot or cold juice 28%-38%

Material pressing method:

Cold Press: As long as the peanuts are slightly wet after soaking (scrub them with your hands, if they can peel easily, it proves dry enough), you can preheat the juicer for 10 minutes, then start to juice the peanuts. Do not By turning off the heater switch before the spinning ends (Note: Osda CS6/CS6: Oil production during cold pressing is lower than during hot pressing

Hot pressing: If you want to produce more oil, the raw materials must be dry enough. Ingredients are roasted at or 7 degrees (must be cooked over low heat otherwise the peanut shells will turn black and the peanuts themselves will not be cooked), you can also put each kilogram of peanuts in the microwave/oven and heat on high for 4minutes), after preheating the pressure shaft for 10 minutes, squeeze the roasted peanuts while hot.

Note: Roasted peanuts must be pressed while they are hot. If the peanuts are heated and then left to cool, the oil will not be extracted from the juice.

White sesame pressing method: white sesame seeds can be pressed cold or hot, for more details, please refer to the peanut juicing method: heat the pressing shaft for 10 minutes before squeezing the oil, and try to squeeze a small amount of sesame seeds to control the roasting temperature) . Many cities have many grain shops or supermarkets that sell sesame peanuts and also provide baking and flour milling services. Please note that this toasted sesame is toasted and crunchy. It must be really cool when juicing. The flour is very good, and it is easy to squeeze but will not produce oil but only powder. The oil yield of good sesame is about 42%-45% now the artificially grown plants need a long cultivation time. If the harvest is delayed, those growing in the lower part ripen first, crack and fall to the ground on their own, causing losses, therefore, most of the grains are harvested before they are fully ripe, resulting in insufficient grain and low oil content. When buying sesame seeds Choose good grains with whole grains. Note: The machine only presses to extract the oils, and the smell of the oil is not related to the machine, but only with a variety of raw materials and sesame processing technology.

 The method of pressing black sesame: black sesame can be squeezed cold and hot (when pressing hot sesame can smell). Cold pressing is: the pressure column must be heated ten minutes before pressing and then start pressing directly. Hot pressing is: it is cooked Sesame per kilogram five minutes in the microwave / oven, heat on high heat for 3 minutes (you also need to heat the juicer for 10 minutes before sticking the oil

The method of squeezing flax seeds: Flaxseeds are very special, unlike other oils, flaxseeds contain a layer in addition to the oil, the longer it is placed in a low temperature, the higher the viscosity, the less oil, and the powder becomes without oil. Therefore, when juicing the seeds Linen, in cold winters, or if stored for a long time or vacuum packed, the squeezing shaft should be preheated for 10 minutes before squeezing the oil (warm up the entire oil before squeezing). Do not turn off the heating if it is cold, even if it is preheated for 10 minutes and then wrung, it will turn into a powder. So heat the linen appropriately and wring it again.

Tea tree seed squeezing method: The tea tree seed should be cut to the size of a peanut and squeezed, but not crushed into powder, otherwise it will not be able to enter the pressing machine, because it is very viscous. Tea tree beans have to be very dry to extract the oil, and they can be very dry and roasted (and very hard). The juicer is heated for 10 minutes before the start of pressing the oil. If it is not dry enough, you can use the oven at medium temperature about 5 minutes, each time a kilogram, or use a rotary oven, the temperature is set to 120-140, 30 minutes or more. Regardless of the heating method, due to Lack of water percentage in the seeds, and to determine the appropriate time, whether by addition or deficiency, start by experimenting with squeezing a small amount. If there is some residue in the oil outlet, it is because the tea tree seeds still contain a lot of water.

Almond pressing method: Walnut kernels should be cut to the size of peanuts. The pressing shaft is preheated for 10 minutes before juicing, please put a little, about 100 g at a time, and use chopsticks to help put into the juicing machine. The walnut kernels have high oil content, soft meat and low fiber content, so it is not It is easy to get into the juicer, so you can add a small amount of fried soybeans and squeeze them together. It is added at a rate, about 10-20%

Sunflower seed press method: Heat the press for 10 minutes before squeezing it. The seeds can be divided into seeds that produce edible sunflower oil and are divided according to their uses. Sunflower oil is small black particles that contain a lot of oil. It can be cold pressed or hot pressed. If you roast before squeezing it, it will produce a higher amount of oil.

The method of juicing rapeseed: Before juicing, the milling shaft must be preheated for 10 minutes before juicing. Rapeseed is divided into winter rapeseed and spring rapeseed, and the oil content is generally between 25-40%. Rapeseed that has been stored for a long time cannot be bought and should not have a moldy smell. It should be hot squeezed to separate the rapeseed completely, the rapeseed particles are small and the roasting time should be shorter, then squeezed to completely remove the moisture. The production of rapeseed oil varies greatly due to the different types of rapeseed in different regions. In fact, a kilogram of rapeseed by a home machine is about 2-3  jugs of oil. Factory-pressed rapeseed produces a higher yield than home-pressed oil and must be pressed twice or more, but it can only be pressed in a home machine once. this is the difference .

Perilla seed pressing method: Perilla seeds are divided into medicinal and edible seeds, please buy edible perilla seeds. We do not need to roast the perilla seeds and they are pressed directly, and it will not affect the linolenic acid rich in it. Before spinning, the pressure shaft must be preheated for 10 minutes before spinning.

General factors affecting oil production: The rate of oil production for the same raw material will vary due to the origin of the material, variety, harvest time, storage time and environment, natural or artificial cultivation.


1- The longer the growth cycle, the higher the oil content

2-The relative oil content of seed production grown in the North is high

3-The production rate of oils from genetically modified seeds is high

4-The longer the storage period, the lower the oil content

5- The earlier the seeds are harvested, the lower the oil content. According to statistics, the production rate of walnut oil harvested in early August in Beijing was only 16%, the production rate of walnut oil harvested in mid-August was only 42% and the production rate of walnut oil was Harvested in early September 58%.

Oil treatment and preservation: The oil that is initially pressed contains some powder in the raw material, and is allowed to stay at room temperature above 15 degrees for more than 10 hours, and the oil and powder will be separated automatically without filtering. The longer the storage, the more effective the separation. After it is completely separated, put it in a glass bottle to store in the refrigerator, or it can be stored at room temperature, it is recommended to use within 15 days. Oil that is pressed from raw materials that have been stored for more than a year or that has been soaked in liquid materials is difficult to separate after a few days, and all good raw materials can be squeezed out first. This machine outputs truly pure natural vegetable oil, without preservatives, or any additives, colorants, flavors, etc., and without the need for high temperature. The machine’s output temperature of the oil ranges between 40-50  degrees.